Sunday, March 29, 2015

Laptop Over Heating Chennai

Laptop Overheating - Most among us are not aware a Laptop requires Routine or Preventive Maintenance, Laptops are exposed to different conditions unlike desktops that are confined to indoor premises. Laptops are exposed to fine dust, excessive heat, excessive cold, Excessive Moisture, liquid  spillage, drop or fall, wear and tear of moving parts like hinges that connect the screen and the laptop.

The laptop has a air cooling system driven by a fan, the fan accumulates dust particles and over a period of time moisture exposure heats up the fan by itself loosing the purpose of cooling.
There are vents that also requires cleaning time to time so the purpose of cooling the particular section. There are heat sinks to cool the CPU, North bridge, south bridge, graphic controller and IO controller, the heat sinks require thermal compound replacements timely for optimal heat transfer. Keeping the laptop clean from inside and outside is very important to enhance life and improved performance.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Generator Maintenance Quarterly Madurai

Regular Maintenance / Preventive Maintenance quarterly is the most important factor is increasing the diesel generator life cycle and availability of the generator when in need for backup.

Best maintenance practice is to be in Annual Maintenance Contracts with the manufacturer authorised service centers. Primarily these Diesel Generator service centers are monitored for "ZERO Break Down" and 100% on time preventive maintenance as per generator manufacturers guidelines.

Authorised service centers are measured and monitored to ensure quality of service through consistent and fast response time, will use only genuine generator spare parts & consumables, will charge for the generator parts, consumables and labor as per diesel generator manufacturer guidelines, will be able timely recommend for improved parts replacement and generator services will be carried out by trained and certified engineers who have right product know how and will follow standard service practices like, use of right tools, follow section by section service procedure, identify root cause of the problem and start from there.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Diesel Generators Chennai, Madurai

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