Monday, September 19, 2016

my Laptop / Desktop is Slow - Disk Defragment

If you sense my Laptop or PC is Slow ?
Almost all engineers would ask you to defragment your hard drive..
Know your device, before you start to defragment,
1. Why Defragment my drive ?
Wish age, data grows in your hard drive, every time you want to open a boot-up, search for an application or a file, the hard drive has to search harder from all the information to find and get the application or file that you want to open...slow boot-up, random blue screen, pc freeze and sometimes..does not boot up ?
By defragmenting the hard drive, the data lying spread across in different places are brought together to access the application or file a little faster. Defragment to improve performance...
to be continued...
2. Which OS and how to defragment...
3. Hard-drives and's and don'ts...

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