Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Increase battery back-up & enhance battery life

Laptop Battery Life - We have all been into situations where we are short of battery back up on our laptops, tablets & smart phones, and it bothers when we need them the most.

How to Maximise the Battery Life of your laptop, tablet & smart phones? – a few habits developed can take you a long way……

1.   Don’t keep laptops, tablets or mobile phones plugged even after being fully charged or keep using it in a plugged state. The battery life is directly linked to charge discharge cycles.
2.   Don’t charge the laptop, tablets or mobile phones for small battery charges, say from 80% to make it 100%.
3.   Don’t use unbranded and uncertified power adaptors.
4.   Don’t use screen saver.
5.   Don’t use multiple tabs of 10’s while browsing since it chokes up the Memory (RAM)  that demands more power draining the battery.

1.   First of the things to do, is to choose the right profile to the power saving mode. And further you can customize your settings too. This action corrects a good amount of functions from consuming power when its not needed like reducing display brightness as required, shutting down the display, hibernating quickly when not used, USB power settings, processor power settings and few others too.
2.   Keep your WiFi on off mode when not using WiFi to connect. Now all laptops, tablets and smartphones have a short cut switch making it easy to switch off.
3.   Keep your Bluetooth off when you are not using it to connect. Now all laptops, tablets and smartphones have a short cut switch making it easy to switch off.
4.   Avoid placing the device in hot environments; some of us leave the mobile in the car dash exposing the device to direct sunlight and heat. During summer it not only affects the battery life but also can damage the display on the LCD display models.
5.   Use until the maximum charge power is utilized say until 5% or if possible let it drain to shut down.
6.   Shut down applications that are running in the background and not in use.
7.   Defragment your hard drive once every 3 months and improve seek time and power usage.

TIP- Did you know you can upgrade your existing laptop hard disk to SSD, not only that the SSD consumes very minimal power since it does not have movable parts like motor and spindles but also is quicker by leaps and bounds.

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