Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Laptop Screen gone blank, black



Many of us have encountered this problem, when i turn on my laptop my display stays black, blank. The lights on the keyboard, the light indicators for hard disk, wifi etc are on in the laptop, but the display is black or blank. In some cases a the drivers would not have loaded properly or could be an issue of discharge. You could try 1. Shut down the laptop. 2. remove power adaptor. 3. remove battery. 4. After a short wait connect every thing back. 5. Press Hold the laptop power button for about 30 seconds and see if it powers on and works perfect. If thats done, you are good to go.
If it does not still work, it could be a hardware probelm, Let the experts do the job. Reach us at Call us on +91 95855 99871 or eMail to info@thesupportshop.in

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